Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
Nihodo Media Pvt Ltd. Handles individual information with optimum care and with focus towards protection of privacy.

  1. About acquisition and the purpose of use of individual information
    Our company acquires individual information by fair means within the legal scope and utilizes that information while maintaining privacy policies. The acquired individual information is not used for any other purpose which is out of legal scope and any changes in the purpose for which the information was acquired will be made public in our Web site etc.
  2. About the management of individual data
    An Individual information manager in our company is tasked with monitoring the information so as to prevent information leakage, damage or misuse. For the safety control of other individual data, Equipment handling regulations, access control, Data take out restrictions, Measures for unlawful computer access prevention from outside, Maintenance of execution system that lies other safety management measures etc are provided and also enough security countermeasures are adopted to achieve the accuracy of purpose.
  3. About providing individual information to public
    Our company doesn’t offer the individual information to third party without obtaining the consent of the person in question beforehand excluding the following cases. Cases based on provided Law regulations:

    • When important for Person’s Life.
    • When there is necessity for the people or for the protection of property.
    • When it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person in question and consent of Local Public body or whom the Law provides as commission is being taken.
    • When cooperation is bound by Law.
    • When there are obstacles caused in accomplishment of clerical work in obtaining the consent of person in question and it is necessary for the purpose of use.
    • When the handling of individual information is consigned to an external company and it is guided by consigned company to the employees of our company that it is appropriately handled in the business.
We periodically check if the data is appropriately handled and based on our learning we work towards continuous improvement.


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