One fine unremarkable day, hundreds of spaceships landed on earth across all continents and countries, spilling thousands of tiny aliens of different intergalactic species all over the land. These alienoids came in different shapes and sizes and most have very cute and playful personalities, but each of them also has special abilities and moves. Over the many years that they have been on planet earth, these alienoids have become part of life…they are kept as pets, as companions and many of them roam freely in the wild.Fast forward to the present and many people, especially kids have adopted these alienoids. Since these colorful critters have special moves and abilities that mimic wrestling manoeuvres, a sports league was started called the Alienoid Wrestling League. Now the Alienoids and their handlers compete in the Alienoid Wrestling League to determine who will become the Alienoid World Wrestling Champion.




  Sheru or Sher Singh as he likes to be called is a boisterou little boy with an appetite for getting into trouble frequently. He is barely three feet tall and hates to be called short (in fact calling him little or chottu is taken as an instant invitation to brawl)

  His ears are permanently protruded thanks to the generous number of times they have been pulled by his mother and school teachers.
 His companion Gabru is an alienoid that is capable of enormous feats of strength that defy its puny size. In many ways Gabru’s characteristic is similar to that of Sheru’s. Gabru has taken a particular liking to the human deep-fried snack called Moopy Loopies (Gabru refers to these snacks as “Moop” and in fact is the only legible word in his vocabulary).



  Once considered to have the greatest set of whiskers ever seen adorned on a man’s face, Gama Singh or Gama “Pehelwan” was a strapping young man who was also the Alienoid Wrestling League champion back in his heydays.

  Now age and time have deflated his once generous set of muscles making them resemble dried up raisins, but Gama Singh is still as spritely as ever and prefers to direct his existing competitive spirit towards placing bets and wagers.

  Gama Singh now spends the autumn of his otherwise idyllic life overseeing the rescue and rehabilitation of Alienoids. He also runs an akhaada (rural gym) where he guides aspiring Alienoid handlers on how to train their Alienoids for pro-wrestling. Fifi La Fu is his prodigy and one of his most gifted pupils.

  He loves his cup of “Kadak” Chai, but with all the hullabaloo that constantly surrounds him, he seldom gets to enjoy it in peace.



   Jeff Green is a typical California surfer dude with a laid-back attitude and intense desire to just “chill” and never work too hard at anything.

  He is however immensely talented and with his alienoid: Scorpion, he has won many championships. This has resulted in him being extremely wealthy but Jeff would rather spend his days playing video games and slacking off.

  To Jeff, everyone is “Dude” or “Bro”, but he is especially fond of his two best buddies, Sher Singh and Fifi, even though he has a constant friendly rivalry of one-upmanship going on with Sheru.



  Fifi La fu is a girl with an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of different alienoid classes and creatures and also a clear idea of their different abilities. Through her exposition, audiences as well as other characters get to know what the different types of alienoids are, what their special abilities are as well as their weaknesses.

  Fifi always carries an electronic tablet computer with her that contains all Alienoid details and statistics. She can use this device to pull up information on the Alienoid she or her friends are battling and thus filling the audience in on what this particular creature is called and what it is capable of doing. She is also very headstrong and a bit of a smart alec.

  She admires Sheru’s resolve to become a champion one day yet like an antagonistic elder sister constantly pushes his buttons every chance she gets.


 The primary antagonist for the show, he is a big imposing figure in a suit and classic wrestling mask. He is the current world champion with his alienoid Goliath.

  He is also an extremely wealthy businessman and covertly he has his own team of evil minions that help him steal the alienoid creatures from their handlers and stop anybody that comes in his path. His ultimate goal is to control all the Alienoids and to use them to one day conquer the Earth!

  Business Mask hates meddling kids that constantly try to thwart his evil plans almost as much as he hates Balance sheets that show his companies are making losses.



  Alienoids are basically alien creatures or animals from different planets and solar systems. Apart from their natural biological make, they have also been enhanced by synthetic components in order to give them special abilities.

  Alienoids generally end up bonding with handlers that have a similar personality to theirs. Gabru is as mischievous as Sheru, Fifi’s Alienoid Crouton is inquisitive like a fox. When they “wrestle”, Alienoids respond to the commands given by their handlers. Thus, it is up to the skill of the Handler to decide the strategy and attack in order for his/her Alienoid to win.




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