Gateway company appointed by Japanese government like UniJapan and METI(Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in Japan (METI)

Nihodo Media has recently worked with UNIJAPAN and METI to prepare a networking event for the Indo-Japan animation industry at TIFFCOM (TIFFCOM2014 Marketplace for film & TV in Asia affiliated with Tokyo International Film Festival.) which was held from 2014 Oct 21st to 23rd in Tokyo.

Nihodo Media will also be spearheading and arranging a similar networking event in Mumbai in March of 2015.

The purpose of this networking event was to build a delegation from India that would include key programming people from Kids networks, as well as prominent Animation industry mainstays specifically from the Indian market to travel to Tokyo during the given dates to meet and network with Japanese TV networks as well as companies to discuss the current scenario of animation between the two countries and the roadmap for the future.

Genie Family

Nihodo Media is proud to work with prominent companies, Nippon TV and Tatsunoko Production, towards localization of their smash hit IP: The Genie Family, which is already being broadcast in India.

Nihodo worked closely with the two companies to translate, script and dub the latest version of the Genie Family, which was showcased for the first time in India at the IITF.

The Paperbag Brothers

Based on the graffiti art of famed Japanese creator, Tsutomu Nagai, Paperbag Brothers is a humorous animated short about two brothers and their cat who try to commit a robbery while hiding their identity using paper bags as masks.

Nihodo Media worked closely with Appre Planning Co.Ltd., the license holders for the Paperbag Brothers on realizing their vision for this unique property.


Production & Broadcasting
Pre-production was done in Japan, and production was done by production staffs in Mumbai. 30 secs CM was produced for Indian-oriented smartphone app. It was broadcasted for over 400 times mainly on local youth channels such as ‘UTV Bindass’.


  1. Market ranking (Feb 14 to Mar 14, 2014, Indian domestic targeted)
    • Ranked 1st in App Store’s Healthcare & Fitness category
    • Ranked 1st in Google Play’s Healthcare & Fitness category
  2. Media coverage
    • Appeared in Mar 2, 2014 issue and Mar 10, 2014 issue of Indian English newspaper ‘The Hindu’
  3. DL results
    • Achieved 100,000 downloads in a month since the release, and has been breaking its own record even today.

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